JJS Logo

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1 JJS Logo Black (png) Download
2 JJS Logo Black (jpg) Download
3 JJS Logo Black (png) Download
4 JJS Dec Show Black Text (png) Download
5 JJS Dec Show Black Text (jpg) Download
6 JJS Dec Show White Text (png) Download

Guidelines to Use JJS Logo

  • All The JJS logos are protected under the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) & registered under Dept. for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade.
  • JJS Logo cannot be in Multi-colour. It can be used in either Whole White or Whole Black only.
  • The Size of the Logo can be changed but the dimension ratio will remain the same.
  • People are requested to get approvals before using this logo in any promotional material

For Open Files or Any Query, Please Contact: Neeraj Bajpai at | +91.99588.22261