Terms and Conditions for Participation


1. Exhibition :-

Jaipur Jewellery Show 2023, Jaipur

2. Definition :-

The Exhibition or JJS 2023 shall mean the Jaipur Jewellery Show. The “Exhibitior” shall mean the party to whom space has been allotted in the exhibition completing all formalities and the 'Organizers' shall mean Jaipur Jewellery Show Organizing committee (who is organizing “the Exhibition”).

Different Sections of booths in JJS 2023 :-

  • Jewellery : Plain or studded Jewellery with Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium considered as precious metal Jewellery.

  • Gemstones : This section will contain Loose, Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones, Diamonds and Synthetic stones.

  • Costume, Articles & Artifacts Jewellery : Jewellery with base metal (other than Precious Metals and Silver Jewellery of purity below 50%), are considered as Costume Jewellery. Items are made by Precious Metals are also considered in this category.

  • Allied & Machinery : This section indicates any machinery, tools, weighing balances etc. for gems & Jewellery trade along with gems & Jewellery trade publications, Institutes, Associates etc

Exhibitors may qualify for a specific section, a minimum of 70% of exhibits should be of that particular item or commodity.

3. Objectives :- Among others the following:

  • To provide a platform to the manufacturers of Gems & Jewellery to market these products.

  • To create awareness about the potential of this industry.

  • To set up research and training facilities.

  • To create job opportunities at rural & urban level.

  • To initiate social projects.

  • To undertake projects for enhancement of gemstones & upgrading automation

  • "Jaipur Jewellery Show is a Not-for-Profit-Organisation. It is incorporated under Rajasthan Non-Trading Companies Act 1960 and is also registered under section 12AA of the Income Tax Act 1961."

4. Participation Charges :-

    Pink Club Section Jewellery, Gemtones & C,A&A Section Allied & Machiner Section
    Rs. 22,000 Per Sqmtr. Rs. 14,000 Per Sqmtr. Rs. 11,000 Per Sqmtr.
  • Additional Rs. 1,000 per sq. mtr. for built in space.

  • 10% extra on two side open booth.

  • Government service tax and other taxes as applicable.

The Organizers reserve all rights to accept or refuse any application to take part in the exhibition or regarding displaying any exhibits. All decisions of the organizers to such effect shall be final. No reason for any such decision shall be given and no claim or objection from any exhibitor in relation to this shall be entertained. The Organizers reserve all rights to cancel the exhibition (show) 45 days before the exhibition date without compensation to the exhibitor and the exhibitor hereby waives all rights, actions and claims whatsoever for compensation under this contract or otherwise in such event, provided that the organizer shall refund 90% payment made by the exhibitor to the organizer in relation to the exhibition, without interest.

5. Withdrawal from Participation :-

An exhibitor cancelling or reducing his space reserved, cancellation charges will be applicable on the total stall rent as per the following scale. If cancelled on or before 30th Nov’23, 50% deduction i.e. 50% refund of applicable participation charges. If cancelled on or after 1st Dec’23, 100% deduction i.e. no refund. The scale of charges will apply only from the date the organizers receive written notice by letter. In addition to this scale the exhibitors will be liable for any specific cost incurred on his behalf by the organizers.

6. Space allocation and use :-

  • The Organizers reserve the right to allocate booths in any manner they deem fit and all decisions to such effect shall be final.

  • The Organizers also reserve the right to change, withdraw or otherwise deal with exhibition space allocated to an exhibitor or change the date and/ or venue of the exhibition. Even if such matters have been confirmed and in such circumstances the contract between the Organizers and the exhibitor shall continue to bind the parties as appropriate.

  • By signing this contract, exhibitors are deemed to have signed and agreed to the terms and conditions of the letter of lien included in the exhibitor's manual

  • The Organizers reserve the rights to close any machine or device and remove it any time before or during the exhibition, if in the opinion of the Organizers, such machine or device is dangerous, or is not in accordance with any regulation provided hereinafter or, if the exhibitor or its representative fails or observe and comply with any of these regulations. The Organizers may remove any such exhibitor or his representatives misbehaving at the exhibition center with reasonable force, if necessary at the expense of the exhibitors, without the Organizers being liable for any loss or damage which may be occurred by or through such removal: and any sums of money which may have been paid by the exhibitors for rent and charges shall not be refunded.

7. Booths & Exhibits :-

  • Exhibitor should open the booth latest by 10.30 AM every day during the show.

  • Shell scheme booths are all of uniform design including the fascia board with the Exhibitors name. No alterations or additions should be made to the standard fascia and lettering by the exhibitor.

  • The exhibitor who has opted for raw space may employ his own contractor to erect and decorate his booth but the detailed plan of the booth must be submitted to the Organizers for approval by the declared last date of submission. No alteration may be made without the consent of the Organizers after the approval by the Organizers of the design.

  • No booth should be designed to go beyond the height specified in their approved drawing. Exhibits and displays should not exceed this limit. No display will be done outside the limits of the booth area.

  • The exhibitor using his own workers or contractors, to erect, decorate or dismantle his booth is responsible for the removal of all waste and rubbish resulting from such erection or dismantling from the exhibition hall before the opening of and after the exhibition period according to the arrangements of the Organizers. No storage facilities shall be provided for packing cases, surplus materials or other property of the exhibitor.

  • Before an exhibitor decorates his booth, he must closely observe the following rules with the Organizers official contractor before the commencement of the works

  1. No posters, wallpapers, paint, drilling or nails or screws may be applied to or used on the existing panel.

  2. All standard shells are framed with high quality aluminum and exhibitor must not screw, drill or nail on any of these frames. The exhibitor shall be liable for all losses, damages and costs resulting from a breach.

  3. The exhibitor may apply single or double-sided tapes on existing panel.

  4. No glue, scotch tape, self-adhesive paper, screws, nails, spikes, pins or paint should be used on floors, walls, pillars or on any part of the exhibition hall.

  5. All containers, packing items and any other articles not for display must be removed from the exhibition halls before the day of opening.

  6. No pressurized containers may be used in the exhibition hall without the prior approval of the Organizers.

  7. Spray painting of stand panels with oil based paints and any inflammable material inside the hall is strictly prohibited. Redecorating of booth during exhibition time is strictly prohibited.

  8. Please also note :

    • No side show will be allowed to any exhibitor.

    • b. No ushers can be used for soliciting entry at any booth

    • c. No fashion show and models will be allowed inside and outside the venue

    • d. No music system will be allowed to play

    • e. Height of booth should be as specified by the organisers.

8. Electrical Work :-

  • All electrical works shall be carried out by the official contractor appointed by the Organizers during the show and all charges thereof shall be paid by the exhibitor. Any design or plan of electrical installation must be submitted to the Organizers for approval by their appointed engineer at least 20 days before the commencement of on-site works. No installation works can be carried out without the express permission of approved engineer.

  • The electrical supply is for single phase; 210-230 volt and electrical current of higher voltage of 3 phases will be supplied only subject to prior permission and arrangement with the Organizers.

  • Electricity will be supplied only through the Organizers or electrical contractors appointed by the Organizers. No multi plug is allowed to be used by an exhibitor.

  • Any extra lighting requirement must be conveyed to Organizers. All lights (extra) are subject to the availability of supply. No changes will be made while the exhibition takes place.

  • For raw space: Exhibitors are required to submit the stall drawing of electrical work to be approved by engineers of Organizer by the declared last date of submission. The exhibitor will be liable for any kind of risk if the exhibitor fails to comply the rules.

9. Additional Accessories :-

Exhibitor should place on order with the Organizers for additional accessories like furniture, showcase, and chairs.

10. Moving in and out of the Exhibition Center :-

  • The Organizers shall provide each exhibitor with a schedule for the moving in and out of the exhibits and decoration items which must be strictly followed. In the process of moving the exhibits, the exhibitor must arrange for the authorized representative to be present at his booth to receive the goods as the Organizers are unable to accept on anybody's behalf nor are responsible for the subsequent safe keeping of any items.

  • All exhibits and decoration material shall be removed immediately after the exhibition according to the arrangement of the Organizers. All the exhibits and decoration material left behind shall be deemed forsaken. The cost incurred for the removal of any such items shall be borne by the exhibitor.

  • All goods must be carried by rubber tyre trolleys over protective boarding.

  • No booths should be kept without exhibits till 3 PM on the last day of the show.

11. Sub-letting :-

The exhibitors are not allowed to transfer, dispose or part with or otherwise sublet the whole or part of his site whether for financial consideration or otherwise. The exhibitor must, if he is an agent distributor or licensee, state at the time of contract the names of principals to be represented. This does not prohibit an exhibitor displaying the products of a principal for whom he is an agent, distributor or so licensee with the prior written permission of the Organizers.

12. Terms of Payments :-

The application form must be submitted along with payment of 100% of the booth charges or as specified by the Organizer along with full security deposit. All payments must be crossed cheque/ DD payable at Jaipur in favour of 'Jaipur Jewellery Show'.

13. C&F Agent :-

The Organizers shall appoint an official agent for handling, clearing and forwarding exhibits. The exhibitors are required to contact the agent directly for utilizing their services. No other handling agent will be allowed to operate inside the venue. Vaulting facility at site could be used for daily safe keeping.

14. Insurance & Liability :-

Exhibitors are advised to obtain insurance cover against all risk. It is clearly understood that the Organizers stand indemnified by the Exhibitors in respect of any loss or damage to property due to theft, fire or flood or injury etc., to any person as well as third party claims.

15. Lien of Exhibits :-

The Organizers reserve the right to retain all or any of an exhibitor's goods/ exhibits as collateral till all the dues including charges for services, damages, or penalties, if any, are settled by the Exhibitors. Any costs for retention of the collateral will also have to be paid by the Exhibitors.

16. Binding Terms of Contract :-

The submission of the application shall be deemed as confirmation of participation and acceptance of these terms of contract by the Exhibitor. The contract becomes effective as soon as the Organizers have confirmed the allotment of space to the applicant. Dispute if any, will be subject to Jaipur jurisdiction.

16. Binding Terms of Contract :-

The submission of the application shall be deemed as confirmation of participation and acceptance of these terms of contract by the Exhibitor. The contract becomes effective as soon as the Organizers have confirmed the allotment of space to the applicant. Dispute if any, will be subject to Jaipur jurisdiction.

17. It is brought to :-

The notice of all concerned that neither leaflets nor any other item will be permitted to be distributed within the premises of the JJS by any outsider. If found so the items will be confiscated. Exhibitors are permitted to sell their products only through & from their own booths at the show.

18. Fire Extinguishers :-

If provided to the exhibitors by the organizers will be on cost which will be the property of the exhibitor after the show.

19. Please Note That :-

The Organizers reserved the right to dismantle any stall, which exceeds the maximum specified height, for which approval is granted by the Organizers, on the basis of the drawing submitted earlier by the exhibitor.

20. Towards maximizing :-

The security arrangements at the show, the Organizers strongly suggest that all exhibitors should avail the facility of close circuit television (CCTV) connection individually in their respective stalls to safeguard themselves from any thefts or misplacement of valuables.

21. All Exhibitors Are :-

Strictly advised not to place any items like chairs, couches etc. in any of the fire exits, causing hindrance at these points.

22. Supplementary rules & Regulations :-

All rules and regulations detailed as well as any further rules framed by the Organizers from time to time shall be deemed to be terms of contract and shall be binding on all exhibitors.

23. Arbitration :-

It is hereby agreed between the parties hereto that in the event of any dispute or difference arising between the parties with regard to the terms & conditions of this agreement or relating to the interpretation thereof and or implementation of respective rights obligations and / or responsibilities of the parties hereto, the same shall be referred to the arbitration and accordance with provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force. The Arbitral Tribunal shall comprise of a Sole Arbitrator who shall be the Convenor of Jaipur Jewellery Show. The arbitration shall be held in Jaipur and the proceedings shall be conducted in the English language. The parties further agree that only the courts at Jaipur shall have jurisdiction in all matters arising thereunder.